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The MacRobert Trust Estate

Lady MacRobertThe MacRobert Trust is the proud keeper of an historic legacy, one that informs everything we do.

The Trust is both landowner and charity, and we discharge both these duties within a modern context but with the philosophy of our benefactor, Lady MacRobert, at the heart of nearly every decision we make.

Her legacy lives on through our continuing connection with the military, with the countryside and farming, and in our commitment to our charitable work, in particular our assistance to young people to help them achieve their potential no matter what disadvantages they may face.

Please browse our website to find out more about The Trust and the MacRobert family story that has left such a lasting and important legacy; find out about the family’s ancestral home, Douneside House, and how The Trust uses it today; read about our exemplary approach to the management of our estate, in particular our approach to diversified and sustainable farming and forestry, and to enhancing the environment, ecology and access to the countryside;  and finally, find out about our charitable grants and awards and/or the horticultural training scheme.

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