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Neil Gow Oak planting

October 5, 2015

An oak seedling, offspring of the famous Neil Gow Oak in Dunkeld was planted by the MacRobert Trust and fiddler Paul Anderson in the Howe of Cromar on Sunday 4th October.

Paul Anderson collected and sowed three acorns from the base of the Neil Gow Oak when he supported its entry into The European Tree of the Year competition in 2013 and the MacRobert Trust Gardens Department grew on the young trees. The very best of the three seedlings was selected by Stephen McCallum, the MacRobert Trust’s Head of Gardens to be planted out on the MacRobert Trust Estate.

Neil Gow (1727-1807) was in his lifetime Scotland’s most celebrated musician and was popularly remembered to enjoy sitting and playing beneath the oak tree in Dunkeld. Gow’s influence is still strongly felt today in the music of accomplished traditional fiddlers such as Paul Anderson, whose musical lineage can be traced through generations of tutors to Neil Gow himself.

The young tree was planted by a stone seat commissioned by the MacRobert Trust at a viewpoint overlooking the Howe of Cromar and Paul especially composed a Strathspey called The Gow Oak of Cromar which was played for the first time on Sunday as the Trust’s Estate Manager, Simon Power planted the oak. Piper Matt Milne also attended and played a slow air and a march and piped with Paul at the end of the ceremony.

The small event was attended by members of Tarland community, the MacRobert Trust, and Reverend Frank Ribbons, Minister of Cromar Parish. The photograph below shows Simon Power, Estate Manager, the MacRobert Trust, Paul Anderson, Mains of Kincraigie and  Stephen McCallum, Head of Gardens, the MacRobert Trust.

Neil Gow oak planting


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