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Douneside House

Monetary Awards

There are 3 levels of monetary awards: small, medium and large.  Each level has its own specific governance arrangements and internal processes, please follow the link in the table below for the relevant guidelines for each level.

Small Up to £10,000
Medium Total value between £10,000 and £50,000
Large £50,000+ (please note, awards in this level are rare)

Please note that The MacRobert Trust receives an extremely high volume of applications and there is a limit to the funds we have available. We reserve the right at all times to exercise discretion when considering which applications will be successful.

If you are considering applying for any of the monetary grants described here, please look at the themes, exclusions and guidelines before completing the application form. In light of the volume of requests, please be aware that those applications that do not follow the guidance or answer the questions may well be excluded without further consideration.



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