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Cromar Award Guidelines and Application Link

Applicants must follow these guidelines when submitting an application:

  • Cromar awards are those that are of a total monetary value up to £1,000.
  • Applications for this type of award will be reviewed every month. The reviews begin in January each year and the closing date for applications is on the 15th of the review month.
  • Applicants will be informed of the outcome on completion of the review process.

Application Timeline

  • Applications can be made at any time and will be considered at the next review.

Time Bars

  • Successful applicants cannot apply to the Trust again until two years after the  award payment has been made.
  • Unsuccessful applicants cannot apply to the Trust again until one year after notification of a rejection.
  • Withdrawn applications will not face a time bar.

Additional Guidance

The following list of additional guidance should be reviewed by applicants before continuing:

  • Do not apply for an award unless you are a registered charity in Scotland, England and Wales, or Northern Ireland.
  • Our application process is now completely online and no paper copy is required.
  • Please keep your application clear and concise, however you may include  additional informative documentation, if this would add value to your request.
  • Please review your online application carefully before submission. It may not be possible to amend the application during the process.
  • Always include a covering letter to introduce your charity.
  • An application can be saved in draft format and completed at a later date.
  • On submission, an email acknowledgement and copy of the application will be sent to you by return.

To submit a Cromar application, follow the instructions within this link :


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