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Douneside House


The Trust’s Charitable Giving Policy lists what we consider supporting.

Applicants should familiarise themselves with the Charitable Themes before making an application.  Your application should fit within the definition of a Theme. You may select as many Themes as are applicable to you project. MacRobert Themes March 2021

As a broad guide, applications are not accepted from:

  • Organisations based outside the United Kingdom.
  • Beneficiaries resident outside the United Kingdom.
  • Individuals, except through The Trust’s own training schemes.
  • General or mailshot appeals.
  • Political organisations.
  • Religious organisations.
  • Retrospective applications.
  • Student bodies as opposed to universities.
  • Departments within a university unless the appeal gains the support of, and is channelled through, the Principal.
  • Community and village halls other than those local to the Trust.
  • Pre-school groups, after-school clubs or school PTA’s other than those local to the Trust.
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