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Douneside House


The Trust’s Charitable Donations policy (revised in November 2015) lists what we consider supporting.

Applicants should familiarise themselves with the charitable themes and sub-themes before making an application.  Your application should fit within the definition of a theme and sub-theme.

As a broad guide, applications are not accepted from:

  • Organisations based outside the United Kingdom
  • Beneficiaries resident outside the United Kingdom
  • Individuals, except through The Trust’s own training schemes
  • General or mailshot appeals
  • Political organisations
  • Religious organisations
  • Retrospective applications
  • Student bodies as opposed to universities
  • Departments within a university unless the appeal gains the support of, and is channelled through, the Principal
  • Expeditions, except through the auspices of recognised bodies
  • Community and village halls other than those in the local area
  • Pre-school groups, after-school clubs or school PTA’s other than those in the local area
  • Organisations with multiple branches should only apply through their headquarters other than those in the local area
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