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Large Donation Guidelines/Application

Applicants must adhere to the following guidelines when submitting their applications:

  • Large grants (£50,000+) are predominantly set aside for Trustees, should they wish to award a larger sum to make a difference in one or two specific areas or projects. Applications are not specifically sought, however, should you have a particular initiative that you think, having read all our guidance, might be of interest, then do consider applying using the formal application form.
  • Please note that these awards will be relatively rare and will only be considered once a year, at the autumn Trustees meeting.
  • All applicants will be sent an email acknowledgement of receipt, as well as notification of how their application has fared, once a decision has been made.

Application Timelines

  • Noting the special nature of these awards, applications should be submitted by 31 May.
  • Dates need to be strictly adhered to and any late submissions will automatically be deferred for consideration as part of the following cycle, if remaining appropriate.

Time Bars

  • Once an application has been considered and deemed “unsuccessful” and therefore rejected, applicants must wait for at least one year from the time of being notified, before re-applying.
  • Successful applicants must wait for at least two years from the time of receiving a donation before any new application can be made.
  • When a multi-year donation has been awarded, the time bar applies from the date of the final instalment
  • Withdrawn applications do not normally face a time bar

Additional Guidance

The following list of additional guidance is not exhaustive but can, from time to time, be useful for applicants:

  • Do not apply for a donation unless you are a registered charity in Scotland, England and Wales, or Northern Ireland
  • Always include an informative covering letter and please submit your application by email as well as by hard copy
  • Please try to keep your application clear and concise,  however feel free to include a small amount of additional, informative documentation only if this would add value to your application
  • Given the lengthy lead times during the application process for medium and large donations, applicants’ financial circumstances can change significantly and donations may no longer be required. If this is the case, it is vital that you update The Trust as funds available for donation are always tight and money no longer needed can be directed elsewhere
  • Do not seek to change your requirement during the application process. More often than not, this will not be allowed because applications are judged and prioritised against others, which may then need to take precedence
  • Above all, maintain a process of dialogue with us. We deal with many hundreds of worthy applications each year. If we have to chase you for information, you will understand that our interest might wane
  • Make sure you sign your application as unsigned applications will not be considered and ensure that all enclosures are included as per the checklist;  otherwise this will reflect badly on your organization and your application may not progress further.
  • Please note that envelopes with underpaid postage will not be delivered to the Trust.

To submit an application, both the  Application-Form 2018 and the Revenue and Capital Budget Form should be completed.




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