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Commercial Properties

The estate includes a diverse selection of commercial properties, which are let and run as various types of businesses, including a care home, cafe and workshops. These premises, which are located across the estate, offer an opportunity for local businesses to contribute to the rural community, via employment and local trade.  

Alastrean House

Alastrean House, once known as House of Cromar, is a historic country house situated on the MacRobert estate. Built in 1905 by Lord Aberdeen, as a country retreat for his wife, its ownership passed to the MacRobert family in 1934.  It was originally intended to be for the use of the MacRobert boys and their families, but sadly they never had a chance to use it.  During and after the War, Lady MacRobert offered Alastrean House as a rest and recuperation centre for RAF and commonwealth crew.  In 1984, the RAF Benevolent Fund used the house as a retirement home for service personnel, until 2005 when they decided to focus their operations elsewhere.   

Today, Alastrean House continues to be owned by The MacRobert Trust and it is leased to a third party care home operator, who run it as a care home for the elderly.    


27 The Square

The MacRobert Trust purchased 27 The Square in 2017.  The building had historically been a retail hub of the village – as a store and, more recently, hair dresser.  Given its prominent position in the centre of Tarland village, after significant consultation with local businesses and residents, the MacRobert Trust purchased the building with the view that it should be run as a café, to provide an amenity and hub for the village.  The building is now leased to a third party, who runs it as a successful local café called Tarland Tearooms.


Tower Workshops

The MacRobert Trust owns a building on the outskirts of Tarland, just off Aberdeen Road.  It is leased to a third party and run as Tower Workshops, selling antiques and furnishings from its workshop. 

Cromar Business Units, Tarland

The MacRobert Trust has applied for planning permission to develop the site close to The MacRobert Trust estate yard.  If approved, this would allow for the development of ‘live & work’ units which would be leased to local businesses and start-ups.